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To ensure Alaskans have the necessary information to hold their elected officials accountable.


Alaska Politics Explained provides everyday Alaskans factual information on government actions in a concise, easy to understand manner. By shining the light on government activities, we inform Alaskans what their government is doing and the potential impact on their individual lives.
We are a conservative organization that reviews laws/bills that are in front of the Alaska State Legislature. We do not take a position on social policies such as abortion, LGBTQ, etc–there are other organizations that do that very well. We also review borough/municipal ordinances that limit freedoms and grow government. We take no funding from government, local, state or federal to ensure our loyalty is only to the Alaskan citizens.

We are nonpartisan and do not support elected officials nor candidates for elected office.
We hope to answer these questions:
1. How can I be better informed as to what is really happening in the legislature?
2. Who is behind the sponsorship of this bill/ordinance?
3. How did my elected official vote on that specific bill/ordinance?
4. How did that law/ordinance get passed?
Our efforts will disentangle the pandering and posturing of elected officials, hold them accountable to the public, and make it easier to follow the mysteries of bill/ordinance processes. By providing this information in a simple format, you can decide for yourself what your elected officials are trying to accomplish and if you agree.

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