Jan 6th: Last Chance for America

Fellow Alaskans,

This is a clarion call for IMMEDIATE action to preserve our American freedom and republic 

The joint session to certify the presidential election by the US Congress on Jan 6th presided over by Vice President Mike Pence is likely the Last Chance for America to keep our democratic republic in the face of the corrupt 2020 presidential election.

It’s been eight weeks since this stolen election. There has been plenty of time for legislatures, courts, prosecutors and law enforcement to take proper action. That they have not done so is profoundly troubling and revealing of a widespread deep state sabotaging our democratic institutions. The extensive evidence,

“…of election irregularities and fraud should have been taken more seriously by government officials and law enforcement, and promptly and aggressively investigated. Today, there are hundreds of witnesses, declarations, sworn statements, and videos that continue to raise questions about the integrity of the results. 

“It’s untrue that most of the claims have been dispelled by courts. By and large, there’s been no opportunity for witnesses to testify or present evidence to a judge or jury. More importantly, perhaps, there’s been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud without the tools of a criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas, depositions, and the ability to compel forensic exams.” -- Sharyl Attkisson, 2020 Election Screaming Red Flags That Deserved Criminal Inquiry, Epoch Times [12/22/20] 

Most important is YOU need to act NOW.  You must tell Senators Sullivan and Murkowski, Rep. Young and Vice President Pence that this cannot be allowed to stand if our Nation is to survive.  Tell the senators and our congressman that you want them to object to the certified electors from Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada because those electors were chosen via a fraudulent election process.  It’s easy to do.  Just keep it short and to the point.  Phone call, email, whatever.    Their contact information is listed below.  Send to your entire list.

The public’s confidence in the 2020 elections, polling, law enforcement, media, and government are shaken to its roots [after Sharyl Attkisson].  

“We are not only at a crossroads; we are also at a precipice.  If we go over that precipice by allowing election fraud, whether or not we ever recover is uncertain, perhaps impossible.  Free and fair elections may well become a thing of the past.

“An even worse condemnation will be the thousands upon thousands of lonely white crosses in fields across Europe that will forever stand in silent condemnation of their failure.  To anyone who can imagine unspoken words, the voices of our fallen patriots will be loud and clear: We were willing to give our lives for freedom.  Could you not at least write a few words?   [Marlo Horne, American Thinker 12/25/20]

Stand up for America. Don’t fail our revolutionary and war fallen heroes. You owe it to yourself, your children and your grandchildren to write your congressional delegation NOW

Need further convincing…want to do more research?  Click here for the Citizen’s Short Course on 2020 Election Fraud

David Boyle, Chairman, Alaska Politics Explained
Ric Davidge, Chairman, Alaska Roundtable
Michael Chambers, Chairman, United for Liberty Alaska



Vice President Michael R. Pence:  directions here  

Senator Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665 email: www.murkowski.senate.gov/contact 

Senator Dan Sullivan – (202) 224-3004 email: www.sullivan.senate.gov/contact 

Representative Don Young – (202) 225-5765 email: www.donyoung.house.gov/contact  


Letter/Email Suggestions:     More Sample Letters & Ideas

Dear VP Pence,

I urge you to not seat any corruptly designated Electors.  We have to fight this as tenaciously as any enemy in war.

Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.” -- Mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (now president of Turkey).

PLEASE, On January 6th do not preside over our country getting off our 240 year journey of freedom, prosperity and democracy.  


Dear Senator Murkowski or Senator Sullivan or Rep. Young,

You must object to the electors from Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada because they were corruptly certified.

I am trying to see this from your perspective. Why wouldn't you want to be certain it was an accurate and fair election, free from fraud? The only reason I can think of is fear of attack from the left. To that I can only respond: If not now, when? Will it ever be less fearful? Do the right thing now while you can. Imagine it is 1776 again! Where would your loyalties be? America is relying on you now.



Next week our nation is faced with the prospect of take over by very bad actors. They will bring Antifa, riots, arson, violence, lawlessness, defund police, massive budget deficits, big government, loss of freedom of speech and guns. They will destroy the dollar, and the private sector. They will encourage dependency upon government. They hate capitalism, freedom, liberty, and our Bill of Rights. They bring socialism, and likely will evolve to Marxism and worse.

Our forefathers gave their lives and blood and treasure to deliver this great nation. We cannot give it up because we are lazy. We all know the government the new Democratic Party will deliver will be a weaker nation, and a worsened quality of life for all Americans. America and the world will lose its beacon of liberty and freedom with the Biden Administration.

I don't know if the election was legitimate, but until we can audit the Dominion voting boxes, and audit the actual paper mailed in ballots, we can never know. Non citizens, non residents voted. Dead people voted. People voted twice. This nation must have this resolution.

Abraham Lincoln said, “This great nation can never be defeated from abroad...but only from corruption and rot from within.” Will you three preside over the loss of our country? Do not take this lightly. This is your moment.

You three will be presiding over the future course of this nation next week. You must do everything you can to preserve this great nation. Biden ran on “divide and conquer.” If we cannot unite our nation behind freedom, liberty, and our Constitution, then we need to consider lawful, peaceful division, and let the “bad guys” destroy their states, while the good guys prosper.

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