Here are some of the more important Killed BIlls.  Before a bill becomes law, it must be assigned to committees by the Senate President or the House Speaker. The Senate President or the House Speaker can kill a bill by assigning it to many committees. Then the bill must pass through several committees to get to a final floor vote. Many times, these committee votes are as important as the final floor vote. For example, if a committee chair doesn’t want a bill to become law, that chair will not even hold a hearing and the bill is dead on arrival.  At other times, the chair may hold the bill after a hearing to kill the bill in committee. The general public never hears about these political maneuverings.

This page will shine the light on important bills that are killed in committee, or by the Senate President, or the House Speaker. Remember, these actions (multiple committee assignments/no hearing/held in committee) are just as important as a final floor vote.

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