Remember when you got a report card at school or a performance evaluation at work? Don’t you believe your elected officials should also get a performance evaluation serving you? We do. That’s why we evaluate Alaska Legislature bills to determine if your “employees”, aka legislators, are working for you. We only evaluate bills; we do NOT evaluate legislators.

We do this because most Alaskans are busy working, taking care of their children, etc. and are just too busy to unlock the goings-on in Juneau. We make it easy and informative.  We have a scoring matrix which is here.  Our matrix is based on less government/more freedom, responsible fiscal policy, and free markets.


We stay out of partisan politics and only rate the legislation based on its merits.  Now you don’t have to rely on mainstream media, politicians, or special interests to know how your legislator voted. You don’t even have to go to the state’s website, BASIS, because all the information you need to stay informed is right here.


This Report Card is NOT intended to directly or indirectly endorse or oppose any candidate for public office. This is NOT about party affiliation or labels like liberal, moderate or conservative. It IS about a philosophical belief in the role of government.


So, if you’re tired of the pandering and posturing of politicians, then you will like this Report Card. If you like our Report Card, let us know by emailing us at Editor@alaskapoliticsexplained.org.  If you believe we have made a mistake, also let us know.


The column marked “Vote Index” will show how the legislator rated according to our scoring matrix. If you want to know how your legislator voted on a specific bill, click on that legislator’s name and all the bills he/she voted on will come up.


Are you ready? Go to the Report Card.


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