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Sample Letters on 2020 Election Fraud


Vice President Michael R. Mike Pence    directions here
Senator Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665  email:
Senator Dan Sullivan – (202) 224-3004   email:
Representative Don Young – (202) 225-5765  email:

Letter/Email Suggestions/Ideas:

Ric Davidge says, even better than an email, send each a telegram, because that is the first thing Members read every day when they come into their office.  As Sen Stevens said to me, “If an Alaskan takes the time and money to send me something, I’m going to read it”. He was right.

Dear VP Pence,

I urge you to not seat any corruptly designated Electors.  We have to fight this as tenaciously as any enemy in war.

Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.” -- Mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (now president of Turkey).

PLEASE, On January 6th do not preside over our country getting off our 240 year journey of freedom, prosperity and democracy.  

Dear Senator Murkowski or Senator Sullivan or Rep. Young,

You must object to the electors from Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada because they were corruptly certified.

I am trying to see this from your perspective.  Why wouldn’t you want to be certain it was an accurate and fair election, free from fraud?  The only reason I can think of is fear of attack from the left.  To that I can only respond: If not now, when?  Will it ever be less fearful? Do the right thing now while you can.  America, Alaskans are trusting in you.



Next week our nation is faced with the prospect of take over by very bad actors. They will bring Antifa, riots, arson, violence, lawlessness, defund police, massive budget deficits, big government, loss of freedom of speech and guns. They will destroy the dollar, and the private sector. They will encourage dependency upon government. They hate capitalism, freedom, liberty, and our Bill of Rights. They bring socialism, and likely will evolve to Marxism and worse.

Our forefathers gave their lives and blood and treasure to deliver this great nation. We cannot give it up because we are lazy. We all know the government the new Democratic Party will deliver will be a weaker nation, and a worsened quality of life for all Americans. America and the world will lose its beacon of liberty and freedom with the Biden Administration.

I don't know if the election was legitimate, but until we can audit the Dominion voting boxes, and audit the actual paper mailed in ballots, we can never know. Non citizens, non residents voted. Dead people voted. People voted twice. This nation must have this resolution.

Abraham Lincoln said, “This great nation can never be defeated from abroad...but only from corruption and rot from within.” Will you three preside over the loss of our country? Do not take this lightly. This is your moment.

You three will be presiding over the future course of this nation next week. You must do everything you can to preserve this great nation. Biden ran on “divide and conquer.” If we cannot unite our nation behind freedom, liberty, and our Constitution, then we need to consider lawful, peaceful division, and let the “bad guys” destroy their states, while the good guys prosper.

Dear Senator Sullivan, 

I urge you to not seat any corruptly designated Electors from any state on January 6th.

This is the most important legislative act of your career.  I hope you realize the gravity of your actions on this upcoming day.

Dear Senator Lisa Murkowski,

I am writing you regarding one of the most essential issues our nation has faced in our history. You have taken an oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United States of America from all threats both foreign and DOMESTIC.

Given this, It is my deepest concern that our recent general election was manipulated with massive, systematic and multidimensional fraud. A major portion of this fraud is the subsequent cover up by both mainstream news and high-tech social media.

As a senator of the great state of Alaska, it is your solemn duty to protect the integrity of our elections. Without free and fair elections, we will lose American and all it stands for.

In my strongest voice, I am requesting that you join with other senators and reject electors supporting candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in states which have exhibited a multitude of serious, systemic flaws in their election process. These states in question are, but not limited to, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Unless there is a thorough and conclusive independent audit of these states in question, a Biden Presidency will not have the legitimacy it will need to govern this nation.

It is essential that all Americans are confident that those selected to govern our nation, have been selected legally. This is essential not only for America but our voting integrity must be an example for the entire world. Please take the time necessary to thoroughly investigate and vote based on factual truth. There is no greater calling for a representative of government, Thank you

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